More supporters!

I neglected to include Mr. Steve Ariagno on yesterday’s list of lawyers supporting my campaign. Also, I just received word from Ms. Dana Milby, a well-respected debt collection and bankruptcy lawyer in Wichita, that she’s on board.

Thanks to everyone supporting my campaign. The official letter announcing my candidacy to the bar as well as a call to action will be sent the second to third week of August. I will also post it on this and my Facebook web pages.

Endorsements so far…

The campaign is proceeding at a harried pace. So far, I already have quite a few attorneys willing to sign our campaign announcement letter that will go out the first or second week of August. So far, here’s the lawyers that are signing:

First, the committee members:

Richard Peckham, Committee Treasurer

James Spencer of Hinkle Law Firm LLC

Mitch Herren of Hinkle Law Firm LLC

David Bengston of Stinson Leonard Street

Mike Kennalley of Stinson Leonard Street

Second, endorsing attorneys:

Patrick Blanchard of Young Bogle McCausland Wells and Blanchard

Alec Nguyen

Craig Robinson

Steve Wagle

Steve House

Knute Fraser

Peter Hagan

Dan Giroux

Charlie O’Hara

Jack Peggs

Helenna Bird

Don Riley

This is just the start. I’m very encouraged that every one I talked to this week was supportive. A couple were uncomfortable agreeing to sign our letter while Judge Henderson’s situation was still unclear, but even these were willing to talk after we get more clarity after Judge Henderson’s August ethics hearing. Also, the above lawyers are mostly those I bumped into this week while appearing at various courts, so there will be many more added next week, and the campaign committee members will also be talking to a few of their colleagues. The list will grow exponentially!

To say I’m please with the campaign’s progress is an understatement. It’s apparent that everyone wants a judge who will bring honor and respect to the position. I am humbled that so many Kansas attorneys believe that I will be that person for Division 24.

Looking forward to this campaign commercial…

I love being an advocate, especially when the clients are passionate about the beliefs we’re fighting for. Following is a link to a video and Fox News article on my client Randy Reed, who owns several auto dealership in the Kansas City area. He is an evangelical, pro-life Christian who had a serious problem with the Obama administration’s insistence that he pay for abortions and abortion-inducing medications. With the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom, we sued the administration in Federal Court, Western District of Missouri, and won. Randy has agreed to film a commercial for the campaign. Can’t wait to see it!

link to article and video


Governor Sam Brownback appointed me to the 12th division December 2015. Voters in Sedgwick County elected me to that position November 2016. I am seeking re-election in 2020. The citizens of Sedgwick County deserve judges with integrity, experience, and who respects others. I believe that I  meet this criteria and hope to continue to serve you as judge through the 2020 election and beyond.

I practiced law in Kansas for almost 17 years as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, family law attorney, estate planning attorney, business law attorney, and even did pro bono work as an allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom in pro-family, pro-life, and pro-religious liberty matters. I am a father of three precious daughters, married for more than twenty years to Mona, and am an active member of Central Christian Church.

I am humbled and honored to serve you as judge. I would also appreciate your support in the campaign. This will be an aggressive campaign to ensure that the voters in Sedgwick County are fully informed of the relevant issues as well as my view on jurisprudence (the legislature not judges make law!).

God bless, Kevin Mark Smith