More support!

Thanks to Bill Cummings and Elaine Reddick for the support. Updated endorsement letter to follow…


Updated endorsement letter…

Here’s a revised second page of endorsements. To remind my friends and colleagues Steve House, Alan Rupe, and John Gilliam, the letter went to the printer before I received your signatures so they are not on the mailed letters.

third page 3-26-16

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support. Please see earlier posts for the letter itself and the first page of endorsements. So far, 62 attorneys have supported the campaign. They range from staunch conservatives to more liberal members of the bar. Bottom line is that EVERYONE wants fair and unbiased judges. I will strive mightily to meet your high expectations.


Almost ready to mail endorsement letters!

imageMy family had a marathon envelope stuffing session last night. Just sixty letters left! Probably should have finished, but we just got worn out around eleven. It was actually kind of fun.

In case you’re wondering, no we didn’t lick 840 envelopes. We used wet rags. After a hundred or so we got it down to a science. Actually, I had done over 400 before we started so it wasn’t too traumatic for Mona and the girls.

We’ll finish today and mail them Monday. Hip hip hurray!

Endorsement Letter

The following letter will be mailed next week, less two signatures. Unfortunately, the letter went to the printer before I received the final two endorsements. But I promised Steve House and Alan Rupe I’d add them before posting the letter on the web site. If you would like to endorse the campaign don’t hesitate to let me know. There’s plenty of room on the team.

With these two attorneys on board, that makes 61. I’m humbled that so many respected attorneys are willing to publicly support me. I hope that the last eight weeks of actual judging played a big part in the latest surge of support.

Thoughts on judicial philosophy…

Everyone who knows me well knows where I stand on the issues, including judicial philosophy. I’m a conservative. I believe in the sanctity of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and a judge’s sacred duty to ensure that these tomes are enforced in the courtroom through well-considered and principled legal analysis and application of the rule of law. It is not a judge’s role to manipulate the law to mean something it was never meant to mean, or mold it like silly putty into conforming with the Constitution when its plain text clearly doesn’t. Boiled down to its essence, this results in litigants knowing what to expect in my courtroom. After eight weeks on the bench in juvenile court, I suspect that the lawyers, defendants and parties who’ve appeared in my courtroom will tell you that the proof is now in the pudding.

imageHere’s the interesting outcome of my brief time on the bench. Lawyers who consider themselves conservative support my campaign. Also, several moderates and left-leaning lawyers support me, too. Indeed, just the last two weeks more than a dozen more lawyers signed by attorney endorsement letter. Why? Again, it’s about predictability. They know I’ll be fair, unbiased, and predictable. I apply the facts of each case to the law applicable to that case. I don’t legislate from the bench.

If you support conservative judges who apply the law and don’t make it, please consider supporting my campaign to remain the judge in division 12 of the 18th judicial district.