Governor Sam Brownback appointed Kevin to the 12 Division of the 18th judicial district December 2015, and he was elected to the bench in 2016. He is seeking re-election in 2020.

Judicial logo 2020 letterheadIf you believe in supporting conservative judges dedicated to making decisions that respect the rule of law,  and have the diversity of experience it takes to render fair and unbiased decisions in whatever legal matters appear before them, please email Judge Smith or the campaign’s committee members and let them know how you would like to help.

The campaign’s email address is Please let us know if you’re interested in helping. Also, please read the posts as well as Judge Smith’s bio so you have an idea what Sedgwick County will retain when they re-elect him.

It takes lots of money to mount a successful judicial campaign so please consider making a financial commitment. Judicial campaigns cannot accept contributions until after September 1 of the year immediately preceding the election year, so no donations will be accepted until after September 1, 2019. Individuals and non-pac organizations can give up to $500 before the primary (August 2020), and another $500 in a contested general election. Send donations to “Kevin Mark Smith for Judge” or “Kevin for Judge” to the attention of Richard Peckham, Treasurer, at P.O. Box 1633, Wichita, KS 67201. You can also click on the “donate” button to make an online contribution.

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