imageGovernor Sam Brownback appointed Kevin to the 12th Division of the 18th Judicial District. He was sworn in as judge on January 21, 2016, so is now the incumbent in that division. However, he may still be opposed in the upcoming election so he is campaigning aggressively in 2016. Please see the “About” page or other posts on the campaign site for information on how you can support Kevin’s bid for retaining the seat.

Kevin has practiced law in Kansas for almost 17 years. He graduated, cum laude, from Regent University School of law in 1999. While at Regent he served on Law Review and clerked for the American Center for Law and Justice. He moved back to Wichita in 1999 and began his career as a lawyer with Martin Churchill, Chartered, doing mostly employment law. After that he served as an Assistant DA for Sedgwick County.

For the past fourteen years Kevin has been in private practice representing clients in a variety of areas including criminal defense, family law, business law, estate planning, non-profit law, and he’s done pro bono work as an allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom. Thus, he has a diversity of experience that will help make him an effective, fair, and impartial judge in whatever area of law he serves.Family portrait-p1

Kevin is a member of Family Church on West Kellogg. He lives in Goddard, Kansas, with his wife of more than twenty years, Mona, and three precious daughters, Emily, Lindsay, and Kelsey. He also has a cat named Midnight and a variety of lizards and frogs as family pets.

As far as Kevin’s judicial philosophy, he is a strict constructionist who believes the courts should apply the facts of each case to the law and not legislate from the bench. Law should be predictable and not subject to the blowing winds of public opinion or political ideology.

If you believe in consistent rulings from a fair and impartial judge, please consider how you can help Kevin in the upcoming election.


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