Almost there…

I finished prepping my law practice’s remaining files for the transfer to Eric Kidwell’s law practice. Though Eric and I disagree on a few issues (he’s a libertarian/independent and I’m a die hard conservative), we fully agree on zealous advocacy for our clients. I am confident that my clients will be well served by Eric and his staff, Amy and Kendra.

Whew! I have to say that the last month or so after Governor Brownback appointed me to the bench have been crazy busy. I’ve always worked hard for clients, but I can’t think of a day since the appointment that I made it home before seven, and many nights I didn’t get home before eight–except for the holidays, of course. My goal was to close out as many cases as possible so Eric didn’t inherit headaches. It went well. So I’m now ready. In just four days the law practice will be Eric’s and I will be judge. I look forward to this transition and can’t wait to begin this new phase of my legal career.

I thank God for his guidance and direction.

imageAs an aside, Bill Meek, long time Sedgwick County Register of Deeds, passed away last week. I attended his funeral Saturday. I was impressed how consistent he was in his Christian wall. I pray that I am as consistent with my walk with Jesus. We will miss you, Bill. I pray the Holy Spirit will bathe Bill’s loved ones in comfort and protection during their time of grieving. I know Bill is praising God without ceasing.


Kevin Mark Smith



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