Happy to serve as judge!

My first week as District Judge for Sedgwick County is over. I am grateful that Judge Syrios left his docket in good order so there weren’t any headaches. It went smoothly and left me very satisfied and somewhat relieved. I must admit that I had some trepidation since I had to walk away from lots of wonderful clients and a law practice I spent almost fourteen years building. But I can now say with certainty that I have no regrets. I look forward to serving the citizens of Sedgwick County as their 12th division judge.

I’m also grateful for my Administrative Assistsnt Kelsie Voss and her efforts to keep my court running smoothly. I miss working with my legal assistant at the law office, Hillary, but thankfully God led someone to me who will fill her role well. I didn’t think there’d ever be someone to match Hillary’s smarts and skills, but I think I may have found someone to do just that. Good thing Hillary helped me pick her replacement. In case you’re wondering, Hillary didn’t want to work full time since she has a precious buncle of joy, Pearl, at hone to care for. She’s working for Helenna Bird and enjoying the change of pace.

Remember that we may still have to campaign to hold on to the position, so if you’d like to help please send me an email at kevin4judge@gmail.com.


Hon. Kevin M. Smith



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