See D.C. to remind you where we came from…

IMG_5721My family and I spent this year’s vacation in Washington D.C. We saw buildings that represent the most important parts of our government, including the White House, the Capital, and the Supreme Court. We also saw monuments dedicated to the Founding Fathers, including the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. We even parked our car in the Ronald Reagan Building’s parking garage!

DSC04304It’s not the first time my wife and I have been to D.C. We went there a few times when I attended law school in the east coast. In hindsight, I wish I would have spent more time in D.C. It’s humbling to think that our nation, just 250 years old, has developed into such a force in this world. Yet, something else came to mind as we walked the streets of D.C. It feels a bit like Rome. Every structure, including the Smithsonian museums and the aforementioned hallowed halls of government and our forebears’ memorials, put the Greek ruins to shame. They have similar pillars of granite, murals on grand ceilings, and gold inlays everywhere. When you consider how deeply indebted we’ve become as a nation you can’t help but wonder whether those in charge are more concerned with leaving legacies of marble and stone rather than prosperity and hope.

DSC04345Yet, we still live in the freest nation in the world. We still have a Bill of Rights. We still have three branches of government so no single governmental institution can get away with stripping us of our rights for long. For proof of this, consider the plethora of excellent legal opinions the U.S. Supreme Court issued last week, especially this one.

DSC04443Lots of other things happened the past week or so that give me hope that we’re headed in an upward trajectory. Specifically, we spent the 4th on the D.C. Mall and watched a spectacular fireworks display. EVERYONE we saw was happy to be an American. I have no idea what party they belonged to–probably a smattering of both–but they were ALL happy. We should all be happy to be Americans. The world is a mess but we are citizens of the greatest, most stable nation on the planet, perhaps the greatest nation that’s ever been. We and our children already have an advantage over those stuck in other countries. Be thankful, regardless of who the president is or if your chosen candidate lost the last election. We are all Americans. Bless you brothers and sisters. Bless you.





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