I’m teaching Criminal Procedure at Friends University!

62BDBB22-D745-4BBF-8CD4-15918A6B803FTime to give back to the community. I’ve been hired to teach criminal procedure to criminal justice and pre-law majors at Friends University in the Spring. I will take a practical approach with two classes (the first one, and one in the middle of the semester) taken up with (1) a panel of prominent law professionals involved in a very high profile case in Sedgwick County, and (2) a moot trial where students will see how to testify and not to testify if called as witnesses. The goal of all law enforcement should be to investigate properly, not violate the Constitution as they do, and only charge cases when there’s zero risk of pretrial dismissals due to unprofessional law enforcement behavior.

There will be a textbook (casebook, actually), but the lectures will be on the procedures involved from opening a case file to taking it to trial. I’m looking forward to it.


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