Pachyderm Club gives warm welcome to children’s advocates!

Click here for video of our child in need of care presentation and how you can help kids in crisis…

I presented the long , drawn out CINC process to the Sedgwick Co Pachyderm Club and received a wonderful reception with lots of thoughtful questions and feedback. Thanks to Ashley Thorne of CASA of Sedgwick County, Julie White of SFCS, and super foster mom Tonya Burke who served on the Q&A panel. General premise is that since  the length of time is lengthy due to the need for services and overworked case workers, we need good families to foster kids and good people to serve as Court Appointed Special Advocates to walk beside the kids as they deal with a system that sometimes seems to not care about them.


If you know a group of great people who’d like to help these kids, email me and we’ll be happy to present to it too.

It’s about the kids!!!



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