National Adoption Day was a great success in Sedgwick County!

Spent the morning at Exploration Place signing lots of orders of adoption and closing CINC cases. This is my favorite part of the job. I see smiling faces of kids, their new parents, and lots of other relatives celebrating a new, brighter chapter in these kids’ lives. I’m proud to say that I had more adoptions from my docket than any other judge participating. I’m not exactly sure what this means overall for my dockets, but for these families it means they can move on and not deal with DCF or the courts anymore. Huzzaah!


Thanks to all the wonderful people from court services, SFCS, DCF, Exploration Place, and of course the lawyers who prepare the paperwork for next to nothing. Events like NAD remind me what I was called to do, make a difference in kids’ lives.

I’ve been presenting the CINC process to groups in our community to encourage people to volunteer as CASAs and foster families. If you want to be part of the solution to child abuse, child neglect, and the disintegration of the family, consider playing an active part by becoming a child’s advocate or foster parent. If you have a group made up of people who want to help these kids, send me an email so I can contact you and set up a presentation to your group.



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