Campaign season will begin soon, and I have an awesome committee!

It’s a few months before the 2020 judicial campaign season begins in earnest, but I’m happy to announce that I’ve reassembled my 2016 campaign committee and added a few tremendous friends who have already given me invaluable guidance and direction. I may add one more in the near future, and the committee may select a co-chair to help Jennifer, but here’s the team so far:

  • Jennifer Baysinger, Chair
  • Dick Peckham, Treasurer
  • Robert Howard
  • Mitchell Herren
  • James Spencer
  • David Bengtson
  • Michael Kennalley
  • Clark Owens
  • Daniel Giroux
  • Grant Brazill
  • Ryan Baty
  • Jeff Bennett
  • Treatha Brown-Foster
  • Alta Segovia

Fellow attorneys in the Wichita Bar will notice many well-respected attorneys. Fellow Republicans will notice several well-respected community activists and business leaders  who have been involved in Sedgwick County and Kansas politics for years by advocating for pro-family, pro-faith, and pro-community safety policies in Topeka and Washington. All are good friends who share my vision for juvenile justice and foster care and I look forward to continuing the good work I’ve begun in Sedgwick County with their invaluable guidance.

1D50809B-8147-439A-9BA5-4BB857618109Please email me if you’d like to get involved in the campaign, or if your church or community organization would like to hear about what they can do to help foster kids,



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