Began sending out the endorsement letter last week…

Would you believe that there are more than 1500 lawyers in the Wichita Bar? Wow, that’s a lot of lawyers. So I decided to send my endorsement letter out a couple hundred at a time. Please don’t feel left out if you haven’t received one yet. With two hundred mailed! I just now broke into the B’s.

Jennifer Wagle, a terrific family law attorney, just endorsed the campaign. Her name isn’t on the mailed letters but will be on the next mailings. That’s a page and a half of endorsements from lawyers on every point of the ideological scale. Seems that all lawyers and litigants want a fair, impartial, respectful, and competent judge presiding over their cases.

We are accepting campaign donations now. Make checks out to “Kevin Mark Smith for Judge” and send to the attention of Richard Peckham, Treasurer, at 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214.


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