Tomorrow is the day!

imageJust in case I draw an opponent tomorrow, thanks to the dozens of Catholics and Evangelicals who have volunteered to hit the ground running in my campaign in the event someone files against me tomorrow. Please  check this site and my campaign FB page tomorrow mid-afternoon for an update. I have thousands of door hangers, brochures, and business cards ready to pass out immediately so we can start knocking on doors and spreading the word this Saturday. I will order yard signs tomorrow evening so will have those ready to pass out next week. Think about some high traffic areas that will be good locations.

Although several conservative groups are supporting me, I’m not taking anything for granted and will focus on face-to-face campaigning. Lots of knocking on doors and parades, that sort of thing. Please send me an email at with updated contact info (name, address, phone numbers) too. I plan on a BBQ for volunteers in the next week or so to discuss strategy and the contact info will give me a quick way to reach you via text messaging or phone calls.

Remember my mantra, “Integrity. Experience. Respect.” I’ve spent my career fighting for my clients, including unborn children, churches, and families, and believe that being a judge is the next opportunity to make a difference for all citizens in Sedgwick County not just my clients. We need conservative judges with diverse backgrounds representing clients in the courtroom before judges and juries and not just behind their desks. My almost 17 years of jury trial, bench trial, and litigation experience has prepared me to continue serving Sedgwick County in this capacity. I hope you agree.

Stay tuned…

Hon. Kevin M. Smith


Going well so far…

I’ve been on the bench for more than three months now. I committed to being a fair and unbiased judge when I first filed for division 24 and continued with this attitude after Gov. Brownback appointed me to division 12. It sounds like common sense, but my years practicing law in many counties in federal, state, and municipal courts informed me that this isn’t always what you get. I was confident I could follow through with this promise since I had a diversity of legal practice experiences that few judicial candidates have. I’m happy to report that after three months and a week, there is no chance I will deviate from this commitment. Three months isn’t much time, but I’ve already had a few of those frustrating cases that sometimes turn judges callous to the sacred duty they have to uphold the Constitution and am pleased to say that I never hesitated to make the right decision.

imageOur judicial system has its flaws, but when the bench is occupied by men and women committed to the principles on which this nation was founded, it is unquestionably the best in the world. I encourage you to take this time to read the Bill of Rights. This is what should inform all judges and lawyers who practice law every day, as well as the people who find themselves on one side or the other of legal disputes.

If you’d like to support my campaign to retain my position in division 12, please send me an email at Financial contributions can be sent to the attention of Richard Peckham, Treasurer, in check or money order to “Kevin M. Smith for Judge,” 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214.


Kevin M. Smith


Best day ever!

imageYesterday we set a daily record for visits on the campaign web site. We bested the day of my swearing in! Lots of new followers on FB, too. Please hop on the website,, and follow it. We’re building momentum thanks to lots of people who believe judges should stick to judging and not make themselves legislators.

Please send me an email,, and let me know if you can help knock on doors. To support the campaign financially, you can send a check or money order made out to “Kevin for Judge,” attn Richard Peckham, to 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214. Individuals and non-Pacs can contribute up to $500 before the primary, and another $500 in a contested race after the primary. Thanks in advance for the support.



The Caucus is almost here!

Swing by my campaign table at the Republican Caucus and meet me, my wife, Mona, imageand two of my three beautiful, talented daughters, Lindsay and Kelsey. We’ll have campaign brochures and business cards for you to pick up to give to your friends.

Most important, GO TO THE CAUCUS AND VOTE! There’s never been a more important election year than this one. Make it count.

campaign banner


Call to action!

imageFriends, family, and fellow believers of the sanctity of separation of powers, let me know if you’d like to help out with the campaign. For now that means spending some time during the week and weekends knocking on doors and placing door hangers on potential voters’ doors. Not lots of time, just those spare minutes when you feel the urge. Send me and email with your address and I’ll give you some door hangers to place. Also, when we meet people it’d be helpful to ask if they’d let us put up yard signs when the time comes. Making a note of addresses of the yays then forwarding them to me will suffice here. Won’t order them unless we get a contest in the primary or general, but it’s time to take names and prepare.

The more legs the more effective we’ll be.

Also, let us know if you’re willing to financially support the effort. You can send a check made out to “Kevin Mark Smith for Judge” to the attention of Richard Peckham, Treasurer, to 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214. The max for the primary is $500.00 per person.

Began sending out the endorsement letter last week…

Would you believe that there are more than 1500 lawyers in the Wichita Bar? Wow, that’s a lot of lawyers. So I decided to send my endorsement letter out a couple hundred at a time. Please don’t feel left out if you haven’t received one yet. With two hundred mailed! I just now broke into the B’s.

Jennifer Wagle, a terrific family law attorney, just endorsed the campaign. Her name isn’t on the mailed letters but will be on the next mailings. That’s a page and a half of endorsements from lawyers on every point of the ideological scale. Seems that all lawyers and litigants want a fair, impartial, respectful, and competent judge presiding over their cases.

We are accepting campaign donations now. Make checks out to “Kevin Mark Smith for Judge” and send to the attention of Richard Peckham, Treasurer, at 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214.

Things going on in the background…

Fear not, campaign supporters. Lots of things going on in the background that are exciting, including new endorsements. In the meantime, we are now able to ask for financial help. It takes anywhere from $25k to $60k to pay for a campaign, which covers advertising expenses, yard signs, flyers, mailers, etc. so whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated. Here’s the link with contribution limits.

All contributions have to be via check made out to “Kevin Mark Smith for Judge,” address is 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214. No cash contributions permitted under Kansas law.

Thanks in advance for the support.