Tomorrow is the day!

imageJust in case I draw an opponent tomorrow, thanks to the dozens of Catholics and Evangelicals who have volunteered to hit the ground running in my campaign in the event someone files against me tomorrow. Please  check this site and my campaign FB page tomorrow mid-afternoon for an update. I have thousands of door hangers, brochures, and business cards ready to pass out immediately so we can start knocking on doors and spreading the word this Saturday. I will order yard signs tomorrow evening so will have those ready to pass out next week. Think about some high traffic areas that will be good locations.

Although several conservative groups are supporting me, I’m not taking anything for granted and will focus on face-to-face campaigning. Lots of knocking on doors and parades, that sort of thing. Please send me an email at with updated contact info (name, address, phone numbers) too. I plan on a BBQ for volunteers in the next week or so to discuss strategy and the contact info will give me a quick way to reach you via text messaging or phone calls.

Remember my mantra, “Integrity. Experience. Respect.” I’ve spent my career fighting for my clients, including unborn children, churches, and families, and believe that being a judge is the next opportunity to make a difference for all citizens in Sedgwick County not just my clients. We need conservative judges with diverse backgrounds representing clients in the courtroom before judges and juries and not just behind their desks. My almost 17 years of jury trial, bench trial, and litigation experience has prepared me to continue serving Sedgwick County in this capacity. I hope you agree.

Stay tuned…

Hon. Kevin M. Smith


Updated endorsement letter…

Here’s a revised second page of endorsements. To remind my friends and colleagues Steve House, Alan Rupe, and John Gilliam, the letter went to the printer before I received your signatures so they are not on the mailed letters.

third page 3-26-16

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support. Please see earlier posts for the letter itself and the first page of endorsements. So far, 62 attorneys have supported the campaign. They range from staunch conservatives to more liberal members of the bar. Bottom line is that EVERYONE wants fair and unbiased judges. I will strive mightily to meet your high expectations.


Endorsement Letter

The following letter will be mailed next week, less two signatures. Unfortunately, the letter went to the printer before I received the final two endorsements. But I promised Steve House and Alan Rupe I’d add them before posting the letter on the web site. If you would like to endorse the campaign don’t hesitate to let me know. There’s plenty of room on the team.

With these two attorneys on board, that makes 61. I’m humbled that so many respected attorneys are willing to publicly support me. I hope that the last eight weeks of actual judging played a big part in the latest surge of support.

More support and campaign update…

Thanks to Steve House and Richard Sanborn for the support. Bad news is I didn’t get signatures from these two respected attorneys until after I sent the letter to the printer, but stay tuned for the revised online version in the next few days. Still welcoming support so let me know if you’re on board.


As far as the campaign, things are going very well. I will start knocking on doors this week and the parade season is upon us. If you’d like to march with us let me know and I’ll make sure I have plenty of shirts available. I also welcome door knocking help. I’ll provide a stack of door hangers so you can hit the neighborhoods around your homes.

Now that the campaigning season is here, we  welcome your financial support, too. If you’d like to help out, individuals and non-Pacs can give up to $500 up to the primary, and another $500 after. Please send a check or money order made out to “Kevin Mark Smith for Judge,” attn Richard Peckham, Treasurer, to 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214.