Happy to serve as judge!

My first week as District Judge for Sedgwick County is over. I am grateful that Judge Syrios left his docket in good order so there weren’t any headaches. It went smoothly and left me very satisfied and somewhat relieved. I must admit that I had some trepidation since I had to walk away from lots of wonderful clients and a law practice I spent almost fourteen years building. But I can now say with certainty that I have no regrets. I look forward to serving the citizens of Sedgwick County as their 12th division judge.

I’m also grateful for my Administrative Assistsnt Kelsie Voss and her efforts to keep my court running smoothly. I miss working with my legal assistant at the law office, Hillary, but thankfully God led someone to me who will fill her role well. I didn’t think there’d ever be someone to match Hillary’s smarts and skills, but I think I may have found someone to do just that. Good thing Hillary helped me pick her replacement. In case you’re wondering, Hillary didn’t want to work full time since she has a precious buncle of joy, Pearl, at hone to care for. She’s working for Helenna Bird and enjoying the change of pace.

Remember that we may still have to campaign to hold on to the position, so if you’d like to help please send me an email at kevin4judge@gmail.com.


Hon. Kevin M. Smith


Set a record on the campaign website last Friday!

The campaign website set a personal best last Friday with more than a hundred visits. Let’s build on the momentum. Please click the follow link and share with your friends, especially those of your friends who live and vote in Sedgwick County, Kansas. Also, just because I’m a judge doesn’t mean there won’t be a campaign. Let me know if you can help when it comes time to knock on doors, march in parades, put up yard signs and the like.

Almost there…

I finished prepping my law practice’s remaining files for the transfer to Eric Kidwell’s law practice. Though Eric and I disagree on a few issues (he’s a libertarian/independent and I’m a die hard conservative), we fully agree on zealous advocacy for our clients. I am confident that my clients will be well served by Eric and his staff, Amy and Kendra.

Whew! I have to say that the last month or so after Governor Brownback appointed me to the bench have been crazy busy. I’ve always worked hard for clients, but I can’t think of a day since the appointment that I made it home before seven, and many nights I didn’t get home before eight–except for the holidays, of course. My goal was to close out as many cases as possible so Eric didn’t inherit headaches. It went well. So I’m now ready. In just four days the law practice will be Eric’s and I will be judge. I look forward to this transition and can’t wait to begin this new phase of my legal career.

I thank God for his guidance and direction.

imageAs an aside, Bill Meek, long time Sedgwick County Register of Deeds, passed away last week. I attended his funeral Saturday. I was impressed how consistent he was in his Christian wall. I pray that I am as consistent with my walk with Jesus. We will miss you, Bill. I pray the Holy Spirit will bathe Bill’s loved ones in comfort and protection during their time of grieving. I know Bill is praising God without ceasing.


Kevin Mark Smith


Happy New Year!

I will be sworn in as judge in just 17 days. I’ve practiced law in Kansas for  almost 17 years and I imagined the task of winding down the practice to be so taxing that it might take more time than that, however, God is good! So far things are going much better than expected. I will hand over just eight or so active files to the attorney assuming my law practice.

My clients have been great during this process. They are also excited that I’m about to be a judge. I am grateful that they’ve given me the opportunity to help them with a variety of legal issues, and I will miss helping them in the future.

I will especially miss helping clients stand up for unborn children and their First Amendmend rights to practice their Christian faith free from government intrusion. God bless the Alliance Defending Freedom and Kansans For Life!

This new chapter in my professional life brings with it new challenges, and I need your help. When I file my campaign financial statement next week, we will have just over $21,000.00 in funds to begin our campaign. Although I suspect this is more than the current candidates for division 12 have at this point, it is just the beginning. It takes around $50,000 or more to run a contested judicial race. While there’s a chance the two men who filed for the division before the appointment will move to another open division, the only way to ensure this happens is to keep up the momentum. I plan to spend at least $50,000.00 on this campaign, so if you support my philosophy that a judge should apply the facts to the law and not legislate from the bench–you want unbiased conservative judges not liberal ones–please pledge to help me make that happen in division 12.

Please also  note that I’m the only conservative candidate in division 12 (I was appointed for division 12 but not sworn in yet, so, technically,  I’m in division 24 until I refile in 12) with almost 17 years of experience in a variety of practice areas not just a handful, or just one or two.

The Integrity, Experience, Respect Call to Action!

imageFirst, we need your financial support. Individuals can give up to $500 between now and the August primary. Send your check or money order made out to “Kevin Mark Smith for Judge” to 1502 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214, attn. Richard Peckham.

Second, send me an email at kevin4judge@gmail.com and tell me how you’d like to help the campaign. We need yard signs placed and door knockers ready to spread the word throughout Sedgwick County. We won’t get rolling with the boots on the ground until Spring but we need to marshal the troops now.

I look forward to an exciting campaign season. Let’s get moving now so the competition will have to play catch up! I thank you in advance for your support.


Kevin Mark Smith